Beginners Luck! 7 Brilliant Ways to Make Your Own Luck

There are all sorts of weird and wonderful superstitions to do with gambling and one of them is beginnerís luck. Itís the idea that those who are new to a game will be luckier than others and will end up winning. Some believe the phrase Ďbeginnerís luckí exists because novices donít feel as much pressure when playing as more seasoned players, so they end up playing better. Whether you believe in beginnerís luck or not, there is one surefire way for beginners to make their own luck, if you will. That is simply by playing at games that offer better odds. Stick to games with higher payouts and chances are, youíll lose less of your money and may stand a better chance of winning big.

As a new player you could check out online reviews such as Bgo casino review at Casinopedia that helps players get a better insight. Itís also important to understand what house edge and RTP (return to player) are. Casino games are designed to take, on average, a small percentage of the money gamblers put into them. This is how casinos make their money and business. House edge refers to how much money the casino is expected to take, whereas RPT refers to how much the player can expect to win back. These two terms are essentially opposites, so if a gameís house edge is 1%, for example, its RTP will be 99%. Games with the best odds have a low house edge or a high RTP.

7. European roulette

With an RTP of around 97.3%, European roulette offers players the chance to win back a fair amount of their money. As for American roulette, its overall RTP is slightly lower at 94.8%. The reason for this is because the European roulette wheel has 37 slots in total: 36 numbered ones and an additional one for 0. The American roulette wheel has all of these, plus an additional slot, 00, which gives players a lower chance of winning.

6. Slots

Even though slots make the list, itís worth pointing out that not all of them offer odds that are any good to the player. Some can offer quite reasonable odds, though to get the best odds in slots you have to bet on the highest number of lines possible. Doing this not only increases your chances of winning, it also makes you eligible to win the progressive jackpot (if there is one).

5. Pai gow poker

Pai gow poker is a casino poker game - that is to say, youíre competing with the dealerís hand, rather than other playersí hands. Though itís not the easiest of games to get acquainted with, its RTP of 98.5% is nothing to complain about. Once youíve got your head around how the game works, using strategy can give you improved chances of winning more of your money back or evening landing a big win.

4. Baccarat

Baccarat is all about comparing the bankerís hand with the playerís, with either the banker winning, the player winning or the game resulting in a tie. The RTP for baccarat is usually very close to 99% for certain bets - itís generally advised that you only bet on the bankerís hand as this particular one offers the best odds. Itís quite easy for novices to get to grips with since thereís very little strategy or decision-making involved.

3. Video poker

The odds of winning when playing video poker are certainly impressive indeed, with the game offering an RTP of close to 99% much of the time. Since video poker is a game of strategy, you can slightly improve your chances of winning, in theory, by having a thorough understanding of how the game works. The rules of the game are simple enough that beginners can grasp them and get used to them easily enough.

2. Craps

The classic dice rolling game is known for being lots of fun - in land-based casinos, craps tables are typically the most popular, as well as the loudest. Itís a very social game and tends to attract quite large crowds. Though it may seem somewhat intimidating to new players thanks to the large number of possible bets you can place, the game is quite simple to understand. Plus, many of the bets arenít really worth the risk. One of the best aspects of craps is that it even has a bet with an RTP of exactly 100%.

1. Blackjack

Easy to pick up and follow, blackjack is all about the player and the dealer trying to get as close to 21 as possible. Itís one of the most popular casino games in the world today partly because of its simplicity, but also because of its incredible odds. It offers the best odds of all casino games, with an RTP of around 99% or even higher in quite a few instances. Another great thing about blackjack is that youíre simply pitted against the dealer: you donít have outwit any professional players to stand a chance of winning.


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