Royal Vegas Casino Review

Royal Vegas Casino is one of the longest established and most popular online casinos in the business, having entertained millions of players from across the globe since it's inception all the way back in 2000. As might well be expected from such a long established operator, Royal Vegas Casino has based much of it's success and longevity upon having constantly improving games as well as leading the adoption of mobile technology as a viable gaming platform. Quite clearly they understand the need to stay constantly improving their operations in order to retain their market share, so let's take an in depth look at their site and quite why it continues to be among the most popular online casino sites out there.

Superb Design & Presentation

One of the most difficult aspects of online gaming sites to get right is the presentation and design of the site itself, as all too often either too much or too little attention is paid to this. Sites that invest huge amounts of effort into cramming features and components onto their pages not only risk overwhelming the player with unnecessary information and clutter, but also will likely experience slow loading and excessive amounts of lag. On the other hand overly basic sites often look cheap, poorly maintained and unprofessional.

Royal Vegas Casino manage to get their presentation just right, offering a stylish and sophisticated design aesthetic that is clean, uncluttered and very functional indeed. Partially this can be attributed to their efforts to ensure that their mobile gaming is as comparable as possible to their main site; an intelligent move as market trends clearly suggest that regular players are increasingly using multiple platforms for their gaming. In terms of navigation, all key services such as game lobby's, support, deposit/withdrawal etc. are accessible in seconds thanks to their clear presentation. In regards to speed, Royal Vegas Casino is  extremely smooth with little to no lag whatsoever even on graphic intensive mobile gaming.

An Industry Leading Range Of Games

One of the best features of Royal Vegas Casino is their determination to continually enhance and improve the quality of their existing games, while also adding regular new arrivals to their gaming stable. This is quite exceptional among online casino operators as so often even the best established sites will rarely update their existing games, which given the speed of technical improvements (and customer expectations) is really very short sighted. Royal Vegas take pride in keeping even their oldest games running as good as new, and clearly invest a great deal of effort ensuring that their latest games are quite simply industry leading.

In regards to variety of games, there's currently over 300 for players to choose between ranging from casino classics (with multiple specialist variations) all the way through to exciting modern slots and video poker. All games are supplied with well presented and very clear instructions, and also allow for free play so that players can learn the ropes before staking any wagers.

Great Community & Rewards Scheme

Royal Vegas Casino goes to much more effort than many rival operators in trying to encourage healthy competition between it's players from across the globe, with leader-boards and slots leagues that really reward regular and loyal members. New sign-ups to the site are provided with a matched first deposit bonus with reasonable withdrawal/wagering requirements, and once more regular players will be frequently rewarded with special promotions, enhanced odds and gratis bonuses.

Reliable & Trustworthy With Industry Leading Service

Online gaming sites quite simply don't stay around for over fifteen years unless they provide a great customer experience, and Royal Vegas Casino are highly regarded for offering among the best in the business. Support is on hand within seconds for any
account/performance queries, and the site uses the very best security encryption software to be found anywhere online. Players can simply rest assured that they are using the services of one of the best, most transparent and secure online casinos out there.


Royal Vegas Casino shows no signs whatsoever in letting it's extremely high standards slip, and if anything all the signs are that the site is growing and improving at a rate quicker than any time in it's long history. There's clearly much more to come from this world class operator, with many more exciting times just around the corner!



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