Things You Must Consider When Going To Las Vegas

Things You Must Consider When Going To Las Vegas
Las Vegas is sure to give you an unforgettable experience- from great restaurant, shows, shopping and attractions- there is something for everyone to enjoy. From the insanely wild to the milder, all budgets are able to be accommodated in the circus that is Vegas. If you are a Vegas virgin, then we have prepared a list of things that can prepare you for the trip of a lifetime and these will show you how to maximise the fun factor without compromising on cost. Las Vegas can be tricky to navigate for first timers, so be sure to take careful notes on how to avoid common tourist mistakes!

Many people say that they wish they knew that distances were further away than they initially appeared to be! While a couple of block may not see that far, you could end wearing out your walking shoes and could end up walking to hours without preparing to. The strip is four miles long, for example, so keep that in mind if you are looking to wear your heels!

Get Yourself An ESTA
Whether you are going to Las Vegas or anywhere else, you need to ensure you apply for a US Visa ESTA. This will ensure you are allowed entry into the country and you will not be able to have the holiday of a lifetime without having one to hand.

Donít Buy Drinks (Seriously!)
Casino owners want you to stay and get merry so that you spend more money at slot machines and tables. This is why you should avoid buying a drink from the bar as soon as you walk into a casino. If you are patient, you will find that a waitress will find you and you will be offered free drinks. These are also quite strong, so be wary!

Carry A Jacket, Water And Sunscreen
No, this is not a misplaced tip for visiting the UK, while it may sound like it! Even in the middle of summer in Las Vegas, you will want to carry a light jacket or wrap with you as while it may be scorching outside, casinos do tend to overcompensate by blasting the Air Conditioning so it can get quite cold in casinos. With so much walking required on the strip, you will need to carry water and sunscreen at all times as can very easily get burnt and dehydrated when wandering around town.

Take Gambling Lessons
Many visitors to Las Vegas have said that it is all too easy to feel slightly intimidated by the table games that you see being played by people in Vegas casinos. Some casinos in Vegas offer free gambling lessons where you can gain a good insight into how the game is played. Similarly why not try some online casino games while still in the UK? Be sure to play for free and then save playing with money until you have a little bit of experience behind you.


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