The Benefits of Legalising Gambling Online

Is the USA legalising gambling for the state or the consumer?

America is usually steam years head of the rest of the world when it comes to new ventures and community entrepreneurship. However to date only 3 states, Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey are licensed for online poker. Why is it such a big deal? I hear you ask. Well, legislation means the government can cash in on your hard earned wins and also in turn your rights as a consumer are protected. States like California are voting for a bill to be passes allowing legal poker on permitted sites that abide by the law. It could earn the government an estimated $60 million in tax revenue and licensing fees.

Playing legal is the next big thing, with more and more states wanting to cash in on the gambling bug. So what are the pros and cons for the consumer not just the government?


1. Relaxation in laws will mean that consumers (players) will be cushioned in the knowledge they are in a protected and safe environment.

2. Any money obtained via the government from licensing etc. will be used to set up support groups for addictions

3. It will be easier for players to join games and play in real-money

4. There potentially be more players in the market as those who may not have played before take part

5. There would be mechanisms for complaints and disputes meaning consumers money and rights are protected


1. You will be required to pay tax on your winnings

2. Research has shown cities that legalise gambling have an increase in crime. Some suggest this is due to addiction, gamblers losing money or simply the feeling of freedom to enjoy illegal activities. In turn those cityís need increase law enforcement.

3. The state benefits if you win or lose.

The proís of legislation are equally outnumbered by the cons it seems. However, it is proven that the more we deny human beings the chance to partake in something by making it illegal the more we want to do it. If we cannot stop gambling on and offline then we can harness it and make it fairer for both the state and the consumer so both can enjoy the rewards of such a fun activity



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