World's Famous Gamblers


Many gamblers have overtime become famous for different reasons. Some are known for being the smartest on the game, some for winning big and some for winning more than anyone else, some for being good at a certain game and some for being horrible players in the world. Well, either way, the good thing is they are famous. We are going to talk about the most famous gamblers of all time and what they made them popular. I mean you never know you can get inspired and work towards that winning real money pokies online jackpot too.

Archie Karas

He is one of the most famous gamblers in the world and also known to be the greatest one too. This Greek-American gambler’s story is mind-blowing. After running away from home at the ageof 15 and going to America he started his journey. With only $50 in his pocket in 1992 when he went to Las Vegas, he managed to turn it Into 40 million in a short space of time. He is known for the largest and longest winning streak in the gambling history.

Phil Ivey

Ivey is a famous poker guru which is why he is known as the best poker player in the world. With the ability to spot weaknesses in his opponents this man has won millions in gambling. He has won ten World Series of Poker bracelets and has appeared several times at the world pokertour final tables. That should tell how much of a force to reckon he is in the casino world. And the other thing is that he played at both land-based casinos as well as us online casinos. So if you feel like going to ma casino is a hustle you can play online and still win real money and get famous too.

Billy Walters

Although retired Walters is one of the successful sports bettors not just in Las Vegas but in the world too. Starting at the age of 9 he mastered all the skills and what was needed for him to be good at this. He got to a point of employing a team of experts to help him in placing thousands of bets yearly. Although he is currently in prison serving a five-year term we can’t help but talk about his achievement as a gambler.


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