Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make any changes to the web site?
Yes you can make any changes to the web site using html editor software such as Frontpage or Dreamweaver.

Hosting is included for the first 12-months, what happens after that?
After 12-months you can continue the hosting with us or change to a new hosting provider should you wish to do so. Hosting renewal is $50 for the next 12-months which works out at less than $1 per week.

Are there any other expenses that I should be aware of?
Your only other expenses would be if you decided to pay other Companies to market your website for you though it is recommended you try to learn to promote yourself using websites such as:

Will my web site accept US gamblers?
No, due to the law introduced in 2006 Playtech software no longer accepts players based in the USA. Your website has Worldwide appeal so you can market to the rest of the World and still make a fantastic income. If you still wanted to promote to the US market then we would recommend joining an affiliate program which promotes brands that do accept US players. We can provide you with some options here. We can place links on your home page such as 'US Gamblers Click Here' which will lead them to the home page of the brand that does accept US players. This way you will not lose any revenue due to US gambling restrictions.

How can I check my stats?
You can check your affiliate stats 24/7 with the information we send you once your web site has been completed. Wager Junction can now provide stats on all your players activity so you know where they came from geographically which could help you target specific markets.

When will I be paid my commissions?
Commissions are paid monthly by Wager Junction on the 15th of the month.

What happens if a gambler I refer wins big?
You are never liable for any losses the casino may make, Wager Junction pays out all your players who win. This would just show as a negative on your stats. Negative stats are wiped clean at the end of every month so you will be back in profit in no time.

I am new to Internet marketing. How can I get traffic to my site?
We will provide you with some useful resources and video tutorials that will assist you with your marketing. We are also here to answer any questions you may have and have an after sales support service we are very proud of. It is in our interest for you to be successful so we will help you any way we can.

Can affiliates also play on the casino for real money?
No, affiliates can only refer others players. If you wanted to try the games you can take advantage of the free play options. If you wanted to try the downloadable games then contact the affiliate manager who can make some arrangements for you.

Are There Any CPA Deals on Offer?
Affiliates who refer regular players can contact the affiliate manager to see if they can move over to a CPA based commission model.

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