How to Cheat an Online Slot Machine


How To Cheat An Online Slot MachineReal money gamblers are always looking for ways that they can get the best out of online casino games. Ways that they can reduce the house edge and make it work to their advantage. Some of these ways are allowed like using online gambling strategies like the Martingale, Paroli, Fibonacci, and others. However, there are some ways that are not allowed, such that if you get caught using them, that will be the end of your online casino gaming career.

We know that cheating online slot machines is very much illegal, and all good gamblers will not dare to do so. However, there are those other us online casino gamblers who make sure to do whatever it takes to cheat an online slot machine. And below, we look at some of the ways that other real money gamblers use in order to cheat online slot machines.

Ways to Cheat an Online Slot Machine

1. Cheat Codes
In order to use cheat an online slot machine, you need to know how it works. Because they are online, some people are able to manipulate the source code that created the slot machine. It is because of that very reason that online slots are audited for fairness.

2. Magnets
This used to be done back in the day, when gamblers played at land-based casinos. Some players would use magnets to pull down the reels and thus create winning combinations.

3. Cell Phones
Another way to cheat slot machines is by using cell phones. Players would film themselves when they play and then send that live footage to someone else. That person would then analyze the reels up until they come up with the winning combinations.

As you can see, there are several ways to cheat slot machines. All of which are illegal, and will get you kicked out the casino. To add on to that, all the ways are time consuming, so, it’s much be*er to just play your games fairly and win you real money rewards.




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