Slot Machines

Slot machines have come a long way since the invention of the first slot machine in 1891 in Brooklyn which was devised of a series of cards attached to reels. Nowadays as well as the original mechanical ‘one armed bandits’, slot machines have progressed into beautiful works of electronic art with diverse features, bonuses and themes, all offering their own enticing slice of excitement and chance to win that all elusive jackpot. Modern day slot machines have found themselves in all kinds of establishments and businesses and in today’s modern era they are common place throughout the world, with 50,000+ of these based in Las Vegas, however this number of machines has now dropped over the years and are now at an all-time low with 5000 less slots than that as of last year. The fall in the number of slots in the gambling mecca of the world, Las Vegas, is most likely due to online slots where there is no dress code to play, nor in fact the need to put on any clothes should the player so wish and they can be accessed pretty much 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year round. Just like their physical counterparts online slots have gone from basic machines with spinning fruits to complex games offering multi-line wins, graphically stunning sub games, that can include anything from shooting zombies to picking a number of treasure chests to reveal troves of cash. As well as these sub games there is also a plethora of free spins to be had in various formats that include sticky wilds, rolling wilds and multiple multipliers to keep the player interested and of course add that extra rush of adrenaline.

The very latest in online slots are 3D Slots, where the graphics really are to die for, with amazing effects, graphics that are equal to a blockbuster CG movie, that are a not only a pleasure to play but breath-taking to look at, you can see the diverse range of 3D slots on DreamzCasino.com who specialise in online casino slots and other useful casino guides. What 3D slots have really done for the industry is bring in a new way of keeping players engaged by adding depth to what was up until now a 2D online industry. Sites as Dreamz Casino offer a wide range of 3D games like Party Gaming slots or 3D slots slot games for players to enjoy and more and more money is being placed into the development of the latest trend of online slots. As we progress I am sure that the next steps to move forward in this billion-dollar industry will be the development of virtual 4D slots if the technology of the latest televisions are anything to go with. Of course, for now you can enjoy hundreds of the latest slots at your fingertips. And remember when you play slots online there is no dress code required and that applies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. All you need to remember is to gamble responsibly and of course have lots of fun whilst enjoying the thrills and spills of the spins.



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